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Rallye Prague Revival 2021 - Trip to centre of Prague 21.4.2022


Dear friends.


13 foreign guests / you can see bellow/ of our event confirmed participation. Someone else? Due to this trip it would be ideal for you to arrive on Wednesday evening or Thursday morning.


Program of Thursday´s trip -


09,35hr The meeting at the train station Radotín / train 9,51hr./ 

10,20hr The meeting with next participants by Obecní dům

11,00hr Old town square

After we will walking across old town, Charles bridge and up to Prague castle / by tram/.

12,45hr Lunch near castle.

13,45hr We will visit Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral

and we slowly return dowm to Malá Strana. We will go by tram to train station or You can continue individually

16,49hr Train to Radotin 


                   We will see soon Eda


Participants -


- mr. Haugland +1

- mr. Lund +2

- mrs. Petzold +1 

- mr. Sacré +1

- mr. Westbye + 1

- mr. Frellumstadd + 1


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